The Tale Of Big Tree And Little One (By Lee Woodward)

Maybe some of you have children who are very frightened by the Coronavirus situation. Well I decided to write a short story for you to share with your children. It is my hope that this story will share a very simple message of love and kindness just like the love and kindness that Jesus shared with children.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 (NIV)

The Tale Of Big Tree And Little One

By Lee Woodward

Once upon a time there a was a tree who lived on top of a hill. The tree was big and tall and for that reason he was simply known by the name of “Big Tree” Big Tree was very kind, very old and very wise.

One day Big Tree was visited by a small cat who was very troubled and very scared. The small cat was also out of breath because she had just climbed the big hill and for a small cat that meant big breaths.

“Hello” said Big Tree. “Hello” said the small cat. “ Who are you?” said Big Tree. “My name is Little One because I am little and I am one.” said the small cat. “Nice to meet you Little One. What brings you here today?” said Big Tree. “I am scared and troubled. You look friendly and helpful. Can you help me?” said Little One. “I am Big Tree and I am always here to help those in need of a friend.” said Big Tree. “Then you can help me!” said Little One. “Yes Little One. I am here to help you.” said Big Tree.

“Big Tree, I am afraid! What should I do?!” said Little One. “We shall face fear together. It is always best to face fear together.” said Big Tree

“I want to cry.” said Little One. “Let your tears flow. Tears let the heart breath.” said Big Tree.

“I want to laugh.” said Little One. “Laughter is good medicine for the soul. You will need the strength of laughter to leave fear behind you and face the troubles ahead.” said Big Tree.

“Are you afraid?” said Little One. “I was afraid because I was all alone on this hill by myself. Now I am no longer afraid.” said Big Tree. “Why are you no longer afraid?” said Little One. “I am no longer afraid because you are here.” said Big Tree. Little One looked at Big Tree and said, “I wish all Big Trees were as friendly and helpful like you.” Big Tree looked at Little One and said, “I wish all small cats were as friendly and helpful like you.” said Big Tree. “I’m glad we met each other.” said Little One. With a loving smile, Big Tree said “So am I Little One. So am I.”

The End

© copyright 2020 – Lee Woodward

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