Re-opening for Communal Worship Sunday 6th December

We are preparing fo re-opening the chapel for corporate worship next Sunday at 10:30am following the latest guidance from the UK Government and the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

Due to the requirement of social distancing, seating is limited, but varies according to the size and number of households attending the service. It would be helpful to know, ahead of time, how many intend to come along to our services, and so we have introduced a prebooking system that will allow us to allocate seating on a “first come, first served” principle.

If you wish to prebook seats for yourself and/or your households, please complete this form within seven days of the service date.

Please be in your seats at least five minutes before the service is scheduled to start, and don’t forget to wear your face masks. We reserve the right to realocate your seating if you have not arrived by five minutes before the service.

Please maintain social distancing when entering and leaving the chapel and do not interact with other households. Please use the hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the chapel.

Please be aware that our hopper windows will be open to allow ventilation of the chapel, but the main doors downstairs will be closed at the start of the service. It is deemed that the open hoppers, and the open gallery door will enable sufficient ventialtion to lower the risk of virus spread.

But in ALL cases, if you have ANY symptoms of Covid-19, please isloate yourself as per government guidelines and do not attend any church services until you are virus free.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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