Family History

The registers of a church can be valuable in finding family members and searching for ancestors. The registers have been digitized and published on this website for the benefit of researchers.

As a Baptist church, there is no record of infant baptisms as our belief is that a person will be baptized upon their own confession of faith, usually as a teenager or an adult. Instead, Baptist churches usually had a birth register call a Cradle Roll where births from within the church families would be recorded. Usually these babies or children would be brought to the church for a thanksgiving and dedication to God.

The record of marriages are taken from the church’s marriage register as the building has been authorized for marriages by the local Registrar.

The burial records have been gathered from the register of burial along with burial certificates from the Registrar and / or the Coroner. Unfortunately, the older records can be difficult to read and so there may be some errors in this data. Also, the older headstones have weathered making some inscriptions difficult to read.

If you have any queries about these records please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form.