Chapel Renovation update – January 2021

The M&E consultants working on the electrical and heating design have finalised their specification and submitted them to our architect for inclusion in the final specification documents for tendering.

There were a few queries around siting of the oil-fired boiler and flue, the routing of cables and pipes to / from the chapel, and the requirements for air extraction, but these have now been resolved.

Our architect is now busy producing all the documentation ready for review by the church leadership by the end of March.

We have had the paint in the chapel analysed to determine the type of paint and colours used over the history of the building. The report from the University of Lincoln has made fascinating reading as we see how the colour schemes changed over three hundred years, and some not for the better! We will publish the report online shortly. This had fed in to our proposed colour scheme for the renovated chapel to keep it as close to the original Georgian character as possible.

We received some disappointing news from the Baptist Building Fund who have declined our application for a grant as “they did not feel this application fitted our criteria”, and yet reading their criteria on their website, it met at least three!

We are still some way short of our funding target and need to push hard to obtain as much funding as possible before we go to tender in June. The church may need to consider a loan to cover any shortfall, but we hope to keep this to a minimum.

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