Chapel Renovation

Christians of the Baptist flavour have been around in Hooky for about 375 years, and we worship today in a building built over 250 years ago! We are hoping to be around for some time yet and we would like to keep our Georgian chapel too, so we have applied for permission to renovate the chapel as it is Grade II listed. We were granted approval by the Baptist Union of Great Britain’s Listed Building Advisory Committee back in January 2019 and are now underway raising the funds so we can get this work started.

Our challenge now is to undertake a renovation that will make the Georgian chapel fit for another 300 years or so! The renovation will improve drainage, remove the causes of damp, level the floor and install energy-efficient heating and insulation, whilst bringing the building up to modern standards and regulations.

The programme is being split into three phases – phase 1 will address the exterior works and install a new porch door, level the floor and install under-floor heating, phase 2 will undertake a complete electrical re-wire and install energy efficient lighting in-keeping with the character of a Georgian chapel! Phase 3 will see the restoration of the galleries and install improved seating.

The whole lot will cost in the region of £415,000 (plus VAT!), but we are focusing on Phase 1 and Phase 2 for now, at about £335,000 and we are now at 80% of target at £268,500 Phase 3 will be addressed when further funds allow.

Our aim is to make the chapel into a venue that the whole community can enjoy for events such as concerts, dramas, etc., not just for Sundays. So if you are interested in our plans and / or want to help, please get in contact with us and / or donate through Paypal.

Follow our Chapel Renovation blog for the latest updates on progress.

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