Congregation and General Charitable Trust Award

A few years ago, the Congregation and General Chartiable Trust awarded us a grant of £15,000 toward the renovation costs of the chapel, for which we were very grateful. Unfortunately, the grant award had a time limit of two years and we were unable to claim it due to the delays in the start of the project. We reapplied earlier this year and have been awarded an increased grant of £20,000! We thank Congregation and General Charitable Trust for their generosity and promise to complete the [Read more...]

Renovation Plans Finalised

The Leadership met with Peter Preston (Architect) via Zoom last Friday to review the final specifications for Phase 2. These have been forwarded to the Quantity Surveyor for costing. A planning application has been submitted to Cherwell District Council for the reinstatement of porch doors and improved disabled access as the chapel is within the Conservation Area. This is the final consent needed in order to start the renovation. Once the final costs have been provided by the Quanitity [Read more...]

Renovation Update – 6th October 2021

The architect, Peter Preston, continues to finalise the detailed drawings of the internal works of the chapel. This work is expected to be completed by the end of October when the quanitity surveyor will then price the scope of works. We are hoping to finalise everything ready for the issuing of the tender documents before the end of the year. Here are the latest detailed drawings of the new baptistry, wall panelling and [Read more...]

Phase One costs updated

Our architect, Peter Preston (Manifest Design Workshop), has finalised the drawing of Phase 1 which addresses all the external works to remedy the causes of damp, and improve access to the building for those who have difficulty with their mobility. A French drain will be built around the walls of the church, the capacity of the downpipes increased by adding additional downpipes which will be connected to the main drainage via the hall. Additionally, the walls will be repointed with lime mortar [Read more...]