Calling all Hooky Christians!

It is an interesting static that out of the 2,500 or so folk living in Hook Norton, only around 2% regularly worshipped in the two Christian churches in the village; St Peter’s church and the Baptist church, pre-Covid-19 lockdown!

According to the 2011 census, 60% of the population identified as Christian, and yet less than 6% regularly attended church at least once a week, if you believe Wikipedia. So using that statistic, I have been wondering, where do the other 4% of Hooky Christians go?

There is no doubt there are a number of families living in Hooky that travel out of the village to attend other churches on a Sunday. Now is this because those churches provide something that our village churches don’t? I would be interested in your comments. What would you like to see in your local church?

We would love to provide something for all the family, but have struggled to attract young families and teenagers, and yet our village has an abundance of both. We have invested in a Children and Family Worker to get involved in the JAM Club and a lunch club in the school, a youth meeting on Thursday evenings, and a Parent and Toddler group in the Baptist Hall on a Friday morning, but we seem little interest in the free service we offer.

Our church services have a wide range of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs, although it could be enhanced by a gifted pianist / keyboard player and a drummer! We encourage participation from the worshippers gathering by sharing news, testimony, prayers, etc., so it is never boring.

Our chapel is about to undergo a major renovation to make it more comfortable and sustainable, and an attractive place to gather together. What would you like to see in this renovated building?

We would love for the “4 percenters” to join us in our mission and ministry to the village and get involved locally in what God is doing here. We meet, not just on Sunday’s but also have a number of mid-week gatherings for prayer bible study, worship etc. so perhaps you like to join one of those for a “taster”!

So how about it? Do you feel that God is calling you to serve Him in one of the village churches? Do you want to get involved in the mission here? Are you just tired of burning fuel to go to worship? Whatever the reason, drop me an email, give me a call, leave a comment. I would be interested in having a chat with you!

What do you think?

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