Black Lives Matter

I was disgusted and angry over the death of George Floyd in Minnesota on 25th May 2020. He was killed at the knee of a police office using unreasonable force to detain George, and despite George crying out "I can't breathe!" the officer continued to kneel on him for over eight minutes. Another two officers were restraining George with yet another preventing the crowd from intervening. I can understand the anger of the crowd seeing police officers using unreasonable force to restrain a [Read more...]

Renovation project update

Our architect is waiting on the final report from the Mechanical and Electrical Engineer on the heating and lighting design recommendations. As soon as they are received, Peter Preston, our architect will update the drawings and prepare the final specifications to us. Meanwhile, we are grateful to the Garfield Weston Foundation for their pledge of £15,000 towards our renovation costs.

Calling all Hooky Christians!

It is an interesting static that out of the 2,500 or so folk living in Hook Norton, only around 2% regularly worshipped in the two Christian churches in the village; St Peter's church and the Baptist church, pre-Covid-19 lockdown! According to the 2011 census, 60% of the population identified as Christian, and yet less than 6% regularly attended church at least once a week, if you believe Wikipedia. So using that statistic, I have been wondering, where do the other 4% of Hooky Christians [Read more...]

Need help?

One of the most interesting things about Jesus is that he helped a lot of people. Not just the folks that followed him, but anyone he came across who had a need. There are many examples in the bible like the Roman centurion who asked for help for his servant, the lame man at the pool of Bethesda, the woman who was bleeding and touched his cloak. He didn't discriminate. He was open to all, or to coin a modern phrase, he was inclusive! Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay We, at the Baptist [Read more...]

AGM postponed

We usually have an Annual General Meeting each year around the time of May where we receive reports of the various ministries of the church, adopt the latest accounts, elect leaders and officers, and hear of the vision for the year. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus lockdown, we are unable to meet together in person. The leadership considered using video conferencing facilities, but this would not include our valuable members who are not technically savvy. The leadership therefore [Read more...]