An Indian Odyssey – Day Seven

A short day planned for today.

Pastor Paul and Stanley took us to the Botanical Gardens this morning to see the beautiful plants and flowers. We managed to climb a small rocky hill and took some photos of Bengaluru from the top.

Afterwards, we headed to the shopping mall where Lee bought a pair of jeans, shorts and a top for about £50. Joanne managed to get some Indian jewellery, pretty earings and a necklace which was made of silver but painted with temple gold.

We bought some lunch in the food mall, which was a line of different eateries so you have plenty of choice. Joanne stuck to Chinese noodles as a safe non-spicey option, while Lee and I went for a traditional Indian dish, the name of which escapes me! All you need to know is that it was a spicy chicken on the bone covered in a sauce and served with a chapati.

After lunch, Pastor Paul took us to Bengaluru Palace which, apparently, was modelled on Windsor Castle. We didn’t go in as they charge entry, a fee for a camera and a fee for video! We decided Mysore Palace would have much more to offer.

Pastor Paul dropped us back to the hotel around 4pm so we rested before going to dinner at 7pm, and early to bed before tomorrow’s earlier start.

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