An Indian Odyssey – Day Nine

Today’s plan was to take the children to the local KFC for lunch so Paul planned to pick us up at 12:00 noon to be there for 12:30pm.

As it does in India, the plan changed to being collected at 1pm for 1:30 at the KFC. Stanley arrived a few minutes after 1pm, and took us to the KFC. I don’t think they knew what was coming!

In the end there were 30+ children from the orphanage plus 10 others (staff and children) taking over the first floor of the KFC. I was expecting the place to be rather rowdy, however, the children were well behaved and enjoyed the meal of chicken pieces, fries and cola. It was great to spend time moving from table to table to speak to the children and getting to hear about their dreams and ambitions.

In the evening, we had Pastor Paul, Anu, Stanley and Susan over to the hotel for a meal to thank them all for the kind hospitality and looking after so well.

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